The Pharma & Life Sciences Customer Engagement & Experiences Conference

1 October 2024 | Central London

Strategic, Meaningful & Impactful Innovations To Achieve Exceptional Customer Engagement & Experiences Across Pharma & Lifesciences

From Medical To Commercial To Marketing: Embracing AI & New Technologies, Navigating Compliance Updates & Using HCP, Patient & Stakeholder Trends, Insights & Feedback To Drive Improved Customer Experiences & Enhanced Engagement

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Ian Winburn, VP Global Medical Lead Strategic Planning & Impact, Pfizer

Fiona Morgan, Head of External Engagement, AstraZeneca

Customer Engagement Case Study​

How To Achieve Best-In-Class Customer Engagement Strategies Within The Pharmaceutical Industry

  • How can the medical and commercial sides of a pharmaceutical organisation come together to collaborate and create one consistent company customer experience?
  • Taking inspiration from outside the sector, how can we take inspiration from the B2C world and translate it into our regulated, complex and siloed industry?
  • There is so much room to improve customer engagement and experience in pharma and life sciences: how can we measure, benchmark and build improvements into customer strategies for 360° customer care?

09.10 Perspective 1

Tina Roos, Head of Business Intelligence & Customer Engagement, AbbVie

09.30 Perspective 2

Michelle Melka, Director, Global Product Strategy, Digital Transformation, Biomarin

Customer Engagement Panel​

Panel & Q&A

09.50 What Is The Formula For Customer Success? Align Medical, Commercial & Marketing Functions For One Consistent Customer Engagement Strategy

  • There is no silver bullet – but how can we break apart siloed internal mechanisms to align our goals to avoid conflict, duplication, waste of resources and all work towards same objective?
  • Customer needs influence every facet of medical, commercial and marketing strategy, how can we unite to unlock the full potential of data and insights to improve product development, brand strategy and launch success?
  • What will the pharma businesses of the future look like? Forecasting our future customer needs to develop long-term, flexible strategies with continuous improvement assessments baked into their design


Shreyash Jain, Associate Director – Commercial Digital & Innovation, International Region, AstraZeneca

Fernando J Campo, Vice President, Head Of Diabetes, Lilly

Further speakers to be announced, please check back for further updates.

AI For Enhanced Customer Engagement: Practical, Compliant, Effective​

10.20 Beyond Theory, Into Action: The Practical Steps Of Integrating AI Into Customer Engagement Strategies

  • As AI moves from mainstream to a vital business tool, what are the realistic commercial and marketing applications to aid pharmaceutical customer engagement strategies?
  • Generative AI, ML, automation, data analysis – which AI tools and platforms are out there ready to integrate into the heavily-regulated pharma sector?
  • From identifying the need to deploying the tech: what are the building blocks to launch a successful commercial or marketing AI strategy?
  • What are the additional regulatory and ethical concerns when building AI into external customer interactions – and how do we ensure compliance?
  • AI will only do what we ask it to: so how can we confidently build a targeted brief around our customers, eliminate bias and temperature check performance as AI comes to life?

10.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.10 Morning Break with Informal Networking

Keeping Pace With Evolving Regulations

11.40 Increase Collaboration With Regulatory, Legal & Compliance Departments For Coordinated, Compliant & Impactful Customer Strategies

  • Ensure customer teams and the wider organisation have clarity around the latest regulations, data privacy requirements and GDPR and HTA updates to understand exactly what is and isn’t possible when interacting with customers
  • New channel strategies: how to increase collaboration between marketing, commercial, medical and compliance when launching new channels
  • Content is king! Work towards collaborative content management and streamlined sign-off processes for promotional and non-promotional materials
  • Different appetites for risk: how can these be balanced internally to minimise conflict, increase cooperation and all work towards a common goal?
  • Eye to the horizon: what are the new regulations emerging which will impact our customer strategies?

Amit Aggarwal, Executive Director, Medical Affairs & Strategic Partnerships, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)

Effective HCP Engagement

Panel & Q&A

12.00 Keep Pace With The Latest HCP Trends From New Tech To Old School Field Force Strategies, Where, When & How Should Pharma Interact With HCPs To Generate Optimum Responses & Engagement

  • The HCP is changing! How can you generate in-depth, useful insights into your HCP demographics and really unpick what is most key for them?
  • Is digital really the solution for time-poor HCPs? How, where and when do our comms land best with them?
  • What does value look like for HCPs and how can pharma cater to that – compliantly?
  • Review field force strategies to respond to post-COVID, telemedicine-receptive HCP strain to focus energy where it is going to land best
  • The salesforce represents an enormous spend for pharma – it’s time to review our strategies
  • What does the 2025 HCP customer journey look like? Map touchpoints, assess performance to cut waste and defunct tactics, thereby influence your ongoing strategies


Andrew Binns, Head, Digital and Innovation, AstraZeneca

Barry Daly, Head of Medical Excellence & Omnichannel UK & Ireland, Sanofi

Danie du Plessis, EVP, Medical Affairs, Kyowa Kirin

Ricardo Melo, Global Medical Strategy & Operations Senior Manager, Amgen

Henriette Lonkvist, Global Head of Customer Relationship Management, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Omni-Channel Customer Journeys

12.30 Breaking Down Siloed Working For Seamless Omni-Channel Integration & Holistic Customer Strategies Which Provide Consistently Excellent Experiences Throughout Every Company Interaction

  • Single channel overviews are a thing of the past! Breaking down siloes to increase cross-channel collaboration and develop holistic omni-channel strategies which support the entire customer journey
  • Becoming omni-capable to adapt your comms schedule and content to reflect not just your different audiences, but your different internal functions – from medical to marketing to commercial – and remain compliant!
  • Which tech is essential and which combinations work best? How can you review and refine your entire channel portfolio without suffering disruption to services?
  • Benchmark omni-channel strategy performance: what are the key metrics and measurement to determine customer strategy success levels


Ossama Ibrahim, Global Marketing Excellence & Capability Building Director, Merck

Digital Tools To Elevate Customer Engagement

12.50 Capitalise On Digital Tools & Platforms For Targeted Strategies Which Enhance The Pharma Customer Journey & Increase Engagement

  • The right tools in the right place – and for the right customer! Determine your audience’s needs, preferences and behaviours to matchmake them with the right platforms and deploy targeted, engaging digital strategies
  • From telemedicine to social media and apps, how can you explore and build the best digital channel mix for your needs
  • Making an impact? Measure progress, refine strategies and improve outcomes as your digital strategy evolves over time


Conor Riordan, Director Customer Service GSC – Europe, Middle East & Africa, Pfizer

13.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.40 Informal Breakout Discussions

a) Increasing Diversity In Clinical Trials Through Co-Creation

b) The Future Of The Field Force

c) Cookies & Collecting First Party Data

d) HCP Platforms: Sermo, Medscape, and more!

e) Social Media Engagement: Opportunities, Regulation & Measuring Success

f) Customer Psychology

g) Impactful Content

h) The Formula To Win Leadership Backing

14.10 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Danie du Plessis, EVP, Medical Affairs, Kyowa Kirin

Ricardo Melo, Global Medical Strategy & Operations Senior Manager, Amgen

Customer Data Strategies: Greater Insight, Greater Accuracy

14.20 Effective, Informative & Compliant Data Strategies Which Inform Customer Approaches & Achieve Increased Customer Engagement

  • Exploring the optimum way to compliantly build first-party data in pharma and life sciences for customer-centric experience and informed engagement strategy design
  • Fishing from your data lake: how can you acquire and collate quality data to be interpreted and leveraged for exceptional customer engagement tactics?
  • Establish good CRM management processes with your customer teams to enable accurate customer profiling and targeting which enhances experience
  • As the digital world pushes the potential boundaries of customer engagement, what can we do from a data privacy, compliance and ethical perspective as a pharmaceutical organisation

Speaker To Be Announced Soon

Personalisation Strategies For Targeted Customer Approaches

The Push For Personalisation In Pharma: Responding To The Demand For More Refined, Targeted & Effective Customer Strategies Balanced Against Ethical & Regulatory Guidelines & The Need For Data Privacy Compliance

  • How can we achieve targeting, profiles and personalisation in the pharma and life sciences industry without having access to data? Can emerging technologies be used to support customer data enrichment, profiling and segmentation?
  • Build customer needs complexity and personalisation tactics into brand strategies from the very beginning
  • Identify the top channels and strategy design per customer segment – how can you ensure every interaction is as valuable as possible?
  • How can you generate useful, targeted information that busy, time-poor HCPs are most likely to engage with?


14.40 Perspective 1

Andrew Binns, Head, Digital and Innovation, AstraZeneca

15.00 Perspective 2

Ellina Tsymbal, Medical Director UK, Ireland & CEE, Otsuka Pharmaceutical (U.K.) Ltd

15.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.50 Afternoon Break With Informal Networking

16.20 Breakout Session

Customer Segment Zoned Breakouts: The Person I Most Want To Engage With Is A…

  • GP
  • HCP
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Patient
  • Patient Advocacy Group
  • Internal Colleague Team
  • C-Suite
  • Government
  • General Public For Health Initiatives, Corporate Branding

Patient Engagement Strategies Spotlight

16.40 Increase Patient Engagement & Improve Outcomes With Patient-First Service Design

  • Fragmented data, regulatory boundaries, different therapy areas… how can you measure the quality of the patient experience?
  • Examine interaction points along the patient journey to establish exactly where resources, HCP contact and communications can be improved to achieve greater transparency, openness and trust with patients
  • Repair the disconnect between pharma and patient expectations with patient-centric, collaborative service planning which delivers plain-language materials and value-adding support services which empower patients
  • How can we bring pharma ever closer to patient engagement while maintaining ethical and regulatory boundaries?
  • What are the next innovations in tech, digital and AI which have good potential to aid the patient experience and outcomes?

Speaker To Be Announced Soon

Achieving Customer-Centric Cultures In A Commercial World

Panel & Q&A

Customer First: How Can We Ensure Customer Needs Are Truly Embedded Into Commercial, Marketing & Medical Affairs Strategies?

  • Beyond using customer satisfaction as a KPI, how can we engage customer facing teams to drive long-term, strategic improvements, not just short-term wins?
  • B2C businesses excel at getting employees bought into customer-first, so why does pharma struggle to spark that same level of customer centricity – and what can we do about it?
  • Transform the way your business views the customer on global, local and regional levels to embed customer-first mindsets and better respond to customer needs


Dr. Ridwaan Jhetam, Sr. Vice President, Head of WW Medical, Hematology, Bristol Myers Squibb

Jaymesh Patel, Global Nominated Signatory Director, AstraZeneca

Michelle Melka, Director, Global Product Strategy, Digital Transformation, Biomarin

Mehul Lakhani, Director Commercial Analytics International Strategic Operations, Novo Nordisk

17.30 Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference